Letter to Thomas Jefferson from _______ Wickham

This is a post from facebook (July 2016) by our cousin Russell Quinlan.  He has done a fair amount of research and has found some very interesting letters and other papers about some of our Wickham ancestors.  He mentions having downloaded several letters but for some reason, and it could be my inability to look in the right place, I cannot find them.  However, I did include one he sent separately and it is below the copy of his post.  In his post he explains where you can look up many historical items.  I haven’t taken the time to do this but may get to it over the summer.  (So much to do, so little time)

From Russell…

“I’m so sorry I missed the family reunion. Hopefully I get to visit with you all next year!

Many of you might not know that all of the “Wickham family papers” that date back to around the founding of the United States have been provided to several libraries as the family felt it was better to allow everyone to have access. Very forward thinking!

The family papers are located at the Library of Congress. (which is accessible online) https://www.loc.gov/. Search ‘Wickham” There you will find letters to Presidents, old photos, letters, manuscripts, and a treasure trove of other information on the Wickham family including letters between the Presidents referencing our family. Other Libraries where our family papers reside includes, Yale University Library, UC Berkeley and one other that I will have to research in my Grand Fathers family history book that is now in my possession.

Anywho, I have downloaded a few of the letters from our family to the Presidents of the United States–James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Monroe and posted them here. Take a look and see if you can read the handwriting. A hearty handshake and the eternal thanks of the family if anyone wants to try and decipher the contents.

If anyone has any questions, shoot me an email at russell@theorysf.com.

Love to all my Cousins



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